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Learn About Franchising and Business

Listen and gain insight into franchising, business, and personal growth.

We publish an episode on Monday that covers a topic directly related to franchising or business.

Our Thursday episode is shorter and focuses on various topics that lead to personal growth as a franchisee, businessperson, and entrepreneur.

The hosts each episode are Nat Truitt and Pete Gilfillan. They have years of experience in franchising and business as owners, consultants, and coaches. Pete, Nat, and special guests will provide exciting and informative conversations each week to help you reach your dreams and achieve your goals.

Dec 13, 2021

There are only a few franchise lawyers out there. Most of them work for franchisors. Some of them work for franchisees, but mostly it's for litigation.

That leaves the average franchise candidate high and dry. But there is a firm out there to fill the void.

This all-female law group is out there to help franchisees get started from FDD review, to incorporation, to leasing a space.

Nat and Pete are joined by Nancy Lanard of Lanard and Associates to discuss the ins and outs of how lawyers can help franchisees succeed.